CNBC’s Harwood: ‘Lack of Transparency’ Reason that Hillary Used Private Server

‘Most of the people that I’ve talked to who know her and have worked with her think it was about trying to keep tighter control over information’

Harwood: ‘Lack of Transparency’ Why Clinton Elected to Use Private Server (The Washington Free Beacon)

CNBC host John Harwood cited a “lack of transparency” as a reason Monday for why Hillary Clinton used a private, unsecured server as secretary of state, directly refuting what Clinton claimed to him when they talked on Friday.

Clinton boasted about being the “most transparent public official in modern times” when Harwood interviewed Clinton last week because she’d released thousands of emails from the server. That has set off its own furor as thousands of them turned out to contain classified information, including 104 emails Clinton wrote herself.

“I said make them all public,” Clinton said of her emails. “I’ve been the most transparent public official in modern times, as far as I know. When that process is undertaken, then other agencies get to weigh in and get to say, ‘Wait a minute, I don’t think that should come out now,’ whether or not the State Department, or if I were in some other agency, agrees. That is par for the course.”

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