Jan Brewer: Federal Gov’t ‘Has Turned a Blind Eye’ Toward Immigration

Trump wall ‘will absolutely help Arizona’

KILMEADE: “When you talk about securing the border everybody talks about the wall. It’s going to get two feet higher, because of Vicente Fox used the ‘f’ word. So, will a wall work and help Arizona?”
BREWER: “Well, you know, whatever we can get done it’s going to help Arizona, it’s going to help the United States of America. And no one has listened. They turned a blind eye to us. They left us very vulnerable. Certainly within our state, the cost of it all, it’s just has been astronomical. And the people are angry. And I have always said —“
KILMEADE: “Right.”
BREWER: “— that, you know, a country without borders is like a house without walls. It collapses.”
KILMEADE: “All right.”
BREWER: “And that’s what we’re seeing happen.”
KILMEADE: “Will a wall help the border of Arizona?”
BREWER: “Yes, absolutely.”
KILMEADE: “Great.”
BREWER: “Unequivocally.”
KILMEADE: “Are you supporting Donald Trump?”
BREWER: “I am.”
KILMEADE: “Because of what you have experienced in the past. I want to throw a stat at you. Since Donald Trump started talking about building the wall between October and February, the amount of illegals and including child immigrant — migrants coming across the border illegally has gone up 24 percent. To the tune of 150,000 people over the last few months. How do you explain that? How do you stop that?”
BREWER: “Well, we need a border — better border enforcement. We need somebody in the federal government to stand up and to do something about it. We all know what the solution is. Secure the border, you know. And Donald Trump will support our police officers and our immigration officers and that’s what it’s going to take. Somebody that understands the issues. Somebody that’s willing to fight for the people, because the people are fired up.”

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