Abbott: As Long as Other Candidates Who Have No Chance Stay in, Cruz Can’t Beat Trump

‘If however this other candidates get out of the race, Ted will have a chance’


HEMMER: “Senator Ted Cruz talking the victories last night, winning his home state of Texas. He won in Oklahoma to the north and won earlier today from the state of Alaska. Ted Cruz calling on his rival to get out. She argues give me a shot at Donald Trump one on one. Texas governor Gregg Abbott is with me, supporter of Ted Cruz. Make your best case. What does Ted Cruz do in the next 13 days?”
ABBOTT: “Several things. He is campaigning aggressively in Kansas, our neighboring state Louisiana is coming up shortly. There are some states that will be favorable to him but secondly, what Ted Cruz said moments ago as well as what your panel said earlier in the prior hour and that is as long as we have these other candidates in the race who have no chance of winning whatsoever, dealing off delegates that go to people like Ted Cruz, ted Cruz will continue to trail slightly behind Donald Trump. If these other candidates get out of the race there will be a chance but another revealing fact about what happened yesterday. Now that Ted Cruz has won four states, look what happened in the state’s he won yesterday. The outperformed polling in Texas and Oklahoma and at the same time Donald Trump underperformed polling in each of those states as well as Alaska show it says ted is gaining ground as the campaign continues.”

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