CBS: Anti-Trump Super PAC Planning Multi-Million Ad Blitz to Stop Trump

‘An anti-Trump Super PAC is planning a two-week ad blitz in the next round of states’


ROSE: “A major effort is under way inside the GOP to stop Donald Trump. The front-runner is charging toward the number of delegates he needs for the nomination. Julianna Goldman is here with how big donors are stepping up to derail trump.
GOLDMAN: “Good morning. Anti-Trump Super PAC is planning a two-week ad blitz in the next round of states and they claim new research unearth a trove of dirt on trump. The plan is assault the republican front-runner and those who support and endorse him.”
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TRUMP: “I think we are going to be a much bigger party and I think we are going to win in November.”
GOLDMAN (voice-over): “As Donald Trump pushes toward enough delegates to secure the republican nomination.”
TRUMP: “It takes a lot of courage to run for president.”
GOLDMAN (voice-over): “The GOP establishment’s identity crisis has reached a fever pitch.”
KRAUTHAMMER: “The math is completely in Trump’s favor.”
UNKNOWN MALE: “Republicans will be committing an abortion on their own party.” 
UNKNOWN MALE: “Unless there is an explosion in Thursday night’s debate, Donald Trump is going to be the nominee.”
TRUMP: “We have actually expanded the party.”
GOLDMAN (voice-over): “With more than 300 delegates in his hand already, one Super PAC is trying to stop Trump in his tracks is upping the game.”
TRUMP: “I’m a conservative but a common sense conservative.”
MILLER: “He is not a lifelong conservative and not a consistent conservative. He’s a fraud.”
GOLDMAN (voice-over): “Tim Miller was the communications director for Jeb Bush’s campaign. Now he is the senior adviser for our principles pac which says, so far, no one has tried to stop Donald Trump.”
MILLER: “Donald trump tells people what he thinks they want to hear whether it’s on immigration or abortion or gun control or taxes or health care.”
GOLDMAN (voice-over): “The Super PAC spent millions on ads in Iowa to prevent a trump caucus win there.”
TRUMP: “I don’t know what you’re talking about with white supremacy.”
GOLDMAN (voice-over): “And focusing on the primaries with caulk us in march 8th and march 14th. Ricketts family and majority owner of the Chicago cubs and Meg Whitman and Paul Singer.”
CHRISTIE: “Tonight is the beginning of Donald Trump bringing the republican party together.”
GOLDMAN (voice-over): “Whitman was Chris Christie’s former national finance co-chair and Donald Trump is the answer.”
GRAHAM: “It will tear the party apart. It will provide conservatism.”
GOLDMAN (voice-over): “Some say it’s too little too late. For one attacks haven’t hurt trump and the time to try new messages was months ago and furthermore risk hurting the party whole and not lending support to the presumptive GOP nominee and actively working against him.”
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