Rubio on Trump: ‘He’s Been Exploiting the Little Guy for 40 Years’

When Trump’s businesses went bankrupt, first people not paid were small contractors’

RUBIO: "He's a clown. Look, I saw him backstage. He was nervous, waving his arms around, huddled in the corner, asked for a full length mirror. People watched the debate. Not only was I not nervous, it is time to take the mask off this guy. He portrays himself as defender of the little guy. He has been exploiting working Americans 40 years. When his businesses went bankrupt, first people not paid were small contractors. He had people put confidence in him, signed up for trump University. Some paid 35, $36,000 and got nothing for it because they trusted in his name and got stuck. He says he is a fighter against illegal immigration, he is hiring illegal immigrants to build trump towers. In Florida, he hires foreign workers instead of floridians, Americans applying for those jobs. He is being unmasked, no one did that to him before. We can't let it go on. He is the frontrunner now, and it is unacceptable that he is a--"

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