Cruz: On Issue After Issue, Donald’s Positions Are Identical to Hillary’s

‘What became very clear is that Donald Trump is not the right candidate to go head to head with Hillary Clinton’

BOLLING: “Welcome back to ‘Hannity’. Senator Ted Cruz had some tense exchanges with Donald Trump at tonight’s GOP debate. Earlier tonight, the Texas senator joined us from the spin room in Houston.”
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BOLLING: “Senator Ted Cruz, welcome. So, boy what a barnburner, what a debate tonight, senator. (Laughter) You three, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio — the center of attraction. A lot of fighting going back and forth. How did you come out?”
CRUZ: “Well Eric, I think it was a terrific night. I think there was a lot of clarity tonight. You know, we’re just five days from Super Tuesday — the single biggest allocation of delegates on a single night. And I think what became clear is that Donald Trump is not the right candidate to go head-to-head with Hillary Clinton in November. That — that on policy issue — after policy issue his position is identical to Hillary, whether it is supporting Planned Parenthood, whether it is supporting Bernie Sanders style socialized medicine, whether it is supporting the Wall Street TARP bailout or whether it is on foreign policy supporting Hillary’s Lybia invasion or toppling of the government in Libya and supporting John Kerry and rather astonishingly saying that he would be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians. All of those are policies of liberal Democrats and I don’t think that’s the right candidate to go head-to-head with the Democrats and I think for the first time really in these debates Trump’s consistent New York liberal views were exposed to the [watchers].”

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