Trump: Romney ‘Is a Failed Candidate’; Harry Reid Made Him Look Like a Fool

‘He was made to look like a fool by Harry Reid’



BOLLING: “I have an important question. Yesterday, Mitt Romney says he thinks there is something earth shattering about your tax return.”

TRUMP: “He knows nothing about me, this guy. He ran a failed campaign. He should have beaten Obama, easily. He was a failed president. He disappeared the last two months. Those last two debates were a horror show. Mitt Romney is a failed candidate and his tax returns he was made to look like a fool by Harry Reid and put returns in on September 21st.”

BOLLING: “I have to go. One question for you. It's a number. 600 delegates going to be handed out. How many is Donald Trump winning?”

TRUMP: “I don't know about that but I’m going to get a lot. We're doing by develop.”

BOLLING: “Donald Trump, thank you very much.”

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