Chuck Todd: Trump’s ‘Audit Defense on the Tax Returns Was Awful’

‘The audit defense on tax returns was awful’

SCARBOROUGH: "So Chuck Todd, people having saying for some time that the candidates, especially Rubio, should go after Donald Trump, last night he did and he did it after a spate of polls came out that showed the race to be almost over. The Bloomberg polls in the deep south and then in Florida those two polls that showed Rubio losing by almost 20 points the. Question of the morning, is it too little too late or could this change things next Tuesday?
TODD: "What I was struck at the most last night is that last ç night the Normal rules of political debate applied. Meaning the people that were behind attacked the front-runner. What was so amazing about last night was that was the most that I think Donald Trump had really ever been attacked by multiple candidates, mostly right, Cruz and Rubio. And what’s — I’m sorry, I think it’s remarkable that it took to the 10th debate before pressure was applied to trump. Is it too little too late? We’ll find out on Tuesday. I think Rubio certainly — if you look at what donors wanted to see from him, what a bunch of people sitting on the sidelines who don’t want to see trump as the nominee, who have been hesitant to jump on the Rubio bandwagon, particularly after what happened in New Hampshire, did he perform well enough for them? My guess is he did. He was relentless. I think at times he did get under trump’s skin. Cruz disappeared early in the debate. I thought he came back late. But you’ve got to give trump credit. I thought he countered pretty well. He didn’t just take the pummelling. He did return fire a little çbit. But I have to say "
BRZEZINSKI: "Chuck, don’t you —"
TODD: "But Joe one more thing. The audit defense on tax returns was awful. There’s just — to make that your — “Well, I’m getting aud — audited.” Anyone else I’d say that’s a massive unforced error, with trump you don’t know."
BRZEZINSKI: "I think it works for him because it shows how the IRS is hounding everybody and he’s getting audited."
SCARBOROUGH: "Okay, “I’m audited every year.” Really, you are, buddy?"

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