Texas GOP Chair: ‘Senator Cruz Is Very Well-Positioned to Take Our State’

‘The probability is very strong that Senator Cruz will take his home state on Tuesday’

COSTELLO: “Tom Mechler joins me now. He is the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. Welcome, sir.” 
MECHLER: “Good morning, Carol. How are you doing today?”
COSTELLO: “I’m good. I’m so glad you’re with me this morning. Ted Cruz must win Texas if his southern strategy is to work. Do you foresee a win for Cruz in Texas? Is it a sure thing?” 
MECHLER: “Well, nothing is ever a sure thing. But, I think that certainly Senator Cruz is very well-positioned to take our state. As you indicated, 155 delegates are at play here, which it happens to be one-eighth of the number of delegates necessary to get the nomination. And so, we’re obviously the 900-pound gorilla in this race that’s going to happen on March 1st.” 
COSTELLO: “Absolutely. Could Mr. Trump win Texas? Is it possible?” 
MECHLER: “Well, you know, I’m not a pundit so I’m not going to get into predictions or anything like that, but I guess theoretically anything is possible. But the probability is very strong that Senator Cruz will take his home state on Tuesday, and will do very, very well here in Texas.”

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