Greg Abbott: ‘Ted Cruz Has a Massive Machine Here’ in Texas

‘Ted Cruz has a massive machine here and likely should do very well’

BARNICLE: “Next Tuesday in Texas is it a must win for Ted Cruz? Is it a win or stay home?”
ABBOTT: “Well, that’s an issue I’m going to have to leave to you political pundits who are a lot smarter than me. What I do believe — [crosstalk] —based upon what I hear on the ground in the state of Texas and what I’ve seen — I’m in Houston right now. What I’ve seen in Houston in the last 24 hours and what I have’ seen as I’ve traveled across the state of Texas over the past few weeks is that Ted has strong support here. But as we have seen in these primaries so far anyone who thinks they can predict the outcome in advance may be proven to be wrong. All I know is that Ted Cruz has a massive machine here and likely should do very well.”
GOLODRYGA: “Governor, Bianna Golodryga here. As a proud Houstonian, I will be watching the debate tonight, my father will actually be attending the debate. How important is a debate for Ted Cruz seeing how — we saw what happened to Marco Rubio from his debate performance in New Hampshire?”
ABBOTT: “Well, as you’ve seen in these debates there’ve been ups and downs that take place in the debates and sometimes they can have an effect on the polls or the support. And so, as we continue to winnow the field down, as we get closer and closer to these huge election days I think debate performance will be very important. I think all of the candidates have to have a good debate or risk the possibility of losing support.”
BRZEZINSKI: “All right. Governor Greg Abbott, thank you so much.”

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