Trump to Rachel Maddow: I Like You and ‘Appreciate Your Charts’

‘I actually like Rachel’


SOBOROFF: “Rachel, right now, we're here with Donald Trump. Again, I'm having a hard time hearing you because of all the activity around. We're in the middle of Secret Service. Let me see if I can get another word with Mr. Trump here.”

(to Trump): “Rachel Maddow. We’re live on the air with Rachel.”

TRUMP: “Isn’t that something? I like Rachel. I actually like Rachel.”

SOBOROFF: “Rachel, they like you! Mr. Trump, you're here right now at the Nevada caucus. What's the plan going forward right now? After tonight, what are you going to do?

TRUMP: “Well, based on this crowd, we're doing pretty well tonight. This is amazing. They’ve never seen anything like it. It's record setting stuff already. And it just started. But I think we're going to do very well. We have the SEC primaries coming up. Hopefully we're going to do well. And Rachel, I appreciate your charts. You make the most beautiful charts with the head on top. I love looking at them. I don't like my picture that much, but that’s okay.”

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