ABC News: Hillary Clinton Makes an Appearance on the Set of ‘Scandal’

‘Overnight Hillary Clinton popping up on the set of Scandal’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Hillary Clinton hoping that momentum from her win over Bernie Sanders in Nevada will bring her big victories in South Carolina at Saturday and that huge delegate hall across the south on Super Tuesday, one week from today. Sanders fighting back hard. And ABC’s Cecilia Vega is here with the latest. Good morning, Cecilia.”
VEGA: “George, good morning to you. The Vermont senator now looking ahead to Super Tuesday states also hoping he can pull off the win he needs to keep his campaign afloat. And now he’s got his sights set on his one and only target.”
[clip starts]
VEGA (voice-over): “Overnight Hillary Clinton popping up on the set of ‘Scandal’. Star Scott Foley sharing this Instagram of Clinton with himself and President Fitz. Clinton on a fund-raising trip to Los Angeles where she attended a $2,700 per person event at the home of a Hollywood executive.”
CLINTON: “Thank you, Nevada. Thank you so much.”
VEGA (voice-over): “After winning 76 percent of the African-American vote in Nevada, she’s counting on South Carolina where more than half of Democratic voters are expected to be black. Clinton also launching another new ad featuring one of the most well-recognized voices in America, actor Morgan Freeman.”
FREEMAN: “She says their names.”
CLINTON: “Trayvon Martin — shot to death. Dontre Hamilton — unarmed.”
VEGA (voice-over): “Bernie Sanders is turning to a different prominent African-American actor, Danny Glover, while attacking Clinton as a political opportunist.”
SANDERS: “And the people of the United States need to know the difference between hastily adopted campaign rhetoric and the real record and the long-held ideas of the candidates.”
VEGA (voice-over): “Sanders’ team says that, while they haven’t given up on South Carolina where Clinton enjoys a massive double-digit lead, they are focused on Super Tuesday. Sanders hoping for wins in places like Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Massachusetts.”
[clip ends]
VEGA: “And during a 22-minute speech in Boston, Sanders mentioned Hillary Clinton’s name 15 times. He’s also bringing in another big-name endorsement from Spike Lee, the big question, though, this morning, guys, is will it be enough?”

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