One Month Ago Trump Certain Rubio Eligible, Today Not So Much

‘Somebody said he’s not and I retweeted it’

One month ago Trump certain Rubio eligible, today not so much (Legal Insurrection)

About a month ago, when Donald Trump was claiming that Ted Cruz probably was not eligible to be president, Trump was questioned by Jake Tapper about whether Marco Rubio was eligible.

Trump exhibited some legal understanding of the issue, citing an op-ed written by Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe. Trump’s conclusion was that he had no doubts Rubio was eligible:

“It’s a different [than Ted Cruz], very different thing because he was born here. He was born on the land.”

After the South Carolina primary, Rubio arguably is Trump’s main challenger.

Trump was interviewed by George Stephanopoulous. When asked the same question Jake Tapper had asked a month ago, but now said he was not not familiar with Rubio’s situation, and had never looked at it. Despite having told Tapper he looked at it. And unlike his lack of prior concern, now he was not certain.

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