Uygur Slams Chris Matthews: ‘His Wife ... Has Some of the Same Donors as Hillary’

‘Chris Matthews has a show called Hardball but he seldom asks hardball questions of establishment politicians that he likes’


“There’s a lot of bias going around in the media, none of it is liberal. It’s almost all against Bernie Sanders CNN from time to time supports Hillary Clinton and other times is vicious to her. And by comparison is enormously kind to the Republicans as they showed last night in their GOP town hall softball event. Speaking of softballs, people are raising an eyebrow about Chris Matthews — seems like he’s thrown a couple of softballs in Hillary Clinton’s direction.
Hmmm, did that seem even-handed? It seemed very even-handed to me. Look, let’s be honest, he is a socialist, socialist, socialist. And why is she even had this conversation with this guy — oh, I don’t like this guy. He’s about the only guy that Chris Matthews doesn’t like in the establishment. I’ll get you who he does like in a second. So, come to find out, it turns out that Chris Matthews’ wife who is running for office as a Democrat has some of the same donors as Hillary Clinton. Hmmmm, things that make you go hmmmm. Has that been disclosed on MSNBC? Of course not.”

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