RCP’s Tom Bevan: The Idea Trump Has a 35 Percent Ceiling ‘Is a Fallacy’

‘As this race shrinks, we’ll be able to see that more across the board’

BRZEZINSKI: “Trump, all right. So what about Georgia?”
BEVAN: “Again, another state where I think a lot of delegates at stake relative on Tuesday. Trump ahead but also Cruz and Rubio are playing there, especially around in the Atlanta suburbs.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Last poll in Georgia had Trump up by 10 points over Ted Cruz.”
SCARBOROUGH: “A Massachusetts?”
BEVAN: “Poll just came out showing Trump up like 43 percent. He’s at the 50 percent mark.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Oh, my Gosh.”
BEVAN: “So, again, I would suspect that he’s in pretty good shape there.”
SCARBOROUGH: “And Tom, is it a — you know, it’s so funny, we hear people everyday talking about Trump’s limits but you start getting out of the first early states and you look to states from Massachusetts to Georgia to Oklahoma, you see Trump in the low to mid-sometimes even the high 40s with five, six people in the race.”
BEVAN: “Yeah. I mean you know, Joe, look at the numbers in Florida. Trump’s at 40 percent in Florida with — including you know, with Jeb Bush and Marco in the race. So, this idea that his ceiling is at 30 or 35 percent, I think is — is a bit of a fallacy. The numbers don’t necessarily reflect that. And as this race shrinks, we’ll be able to see that sort of more across the board if he really — if his ceiling really does bump up to the — you know into the 40s.”

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