Nia-Malika Henderson: Donald Trump’s ‘Becoming This Consensus Candidate’

‘The Republican Party has to be thinking, as it wakes up this morning, can we stop Donald Trump?’

KING: "In a moment we’ll get to this third is the new first dynamic in American politics. But let’s start with first. Donald Trump, after a big win in New Hampshire, has a big win in South Carolina. Now, this is the year where just about every rule is being broken, so this one may be broken as well, but nobody has ever won New Hampshire and then South Carolina and not been the Republican nominee. So, the Republican Party has to be thinking, as it wakes up this morning, can we stop Donald Trump?"
HENDERSON: "That’s right. If you look at how he did it, he won by 70,000 votes. In second place and third place, they’re kind of quibbling over 1,000 votes between them. He did well with veterans, with evangelicals, with moderates. He did well with, you know, higher educated people, lower educated people. In some ways he’s becoming this consensus candidate. You have Rubio still making this argument that, listen, once folks drop out, if this happens, then this, you carry the one, and then he could be more of a force in this. Trump set himself up to do really well, I think Nevada as well as the S.C. Primary. I think those states are really key for him."

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