Scarborough Goes on Tirade Against Critics of His Friendship with Trump

‘We understand you’re humiliated because this is your job and while you were saying Donald Trump was a joke, we were saying that Donald Trump was actually going to have an impact on this race’

SCARBOROUGH: "Well, I think it's absolutely fascinating that it's in the mainstream of American political thought that now Donald Trump can one the Republican nomination. This is something that most people, other than you, thought impossible even three months ago, six months ago. And I must say you said it very early before anybody else said it, even the fact that you suggested that he could have a big impact on the race was scorned by almost all media outlets who have spent the last six to nine months suggesting that we were wrong about that. Now that it is happening they are now mocking and ridiculing us because we got it right and suggested that somehow -- shower' too close to Donald Trump when that's just a lie. The fact of the matter is they're just angry because they have been wrong for nine months and we've been right."
BRZEZINSKI: "You know, it is also -- it's -- we saw it with Joe Klein yesterday, his head was about to explode here on the set. There are people that cannot get their heads around this. Because we've known him on previous levels professionally we had a sense about this. It's not just scorn we're getting, from some of our competitors we're getting a strange microscope as if we are incapable of asking Donald Trump tough questions, in the town hall you would see that we've asked him every question, we've pushed back. I don't agree with probably four out of six major things that he said, I thought they were horrible and I have said that and I will say it again and yet you have our competition holding a similar town hall and asking him if he likes pizza. Are you kidding me? And what music you listen to. I don't remember doing that."
SCARBOROUGH: "Last week it was the same exact thing last week with the town hall meeting that a competitor --"
BRZEZINSKI: "And then they have us doing articles. This is trump derangement syndrome."
BRZEZINSKI: "It's not us."
SCARBOROUGH: "A competitor actually asks questions about how did you meet your wife? You know, what's it like being in first place, et cetera, et cetera." 
BRZEZINSKI: "How do you relax? Do you sleep?"
SCARBOROUGH: "Yeah, how much sleep do you get? And for some reason there are no articles written about this. "The Washington Post" actually after our town hall meeting the other night when I peppered him with so many questions that I was actually attacked for interrupting too much actually said how dare they hold a town hall meeting where they don't ask him tough questions. It's a bunch of nonsense. "
BRZEZINSKI: "And CNN does a piece on Biden."
SCARBOROUGH: "Here is the great thing, all right? We live in a world of transcripts. We live in a world of transcripts. Look at the transcripts. The truth is out there."
BRZEZINSKI: "Look at ours."
SCARBOROUGH: "And we asked tough questions, tougher questions certainly in the town hall meeting the other night than anybody else has asked him in any town hall. You can look at Anderson cooper's last week."
BRZEZINSKI: "Love him. And he -- it was a good town hall, by the way."
SCARBOROUGH: "I love Anderson cooper."
BRZEZINSKI: "And he did a good job." 
SCARBOROUGH: "We've been very positive about Anderson cooper, but just because our competitors have hired media reporters who have actually planted this seed in other people's head that we're going easy on Donald Trump, that we asked tougher questions than our competitors ask who have the media writers and people have the audacity to ask are we too close to Donald Trump. The answer is no, we're not."
ROBERTS: "I hear from a lot of voters and a lot of interesting people and there's almost a form letter sort of template for the most common criticism I get, which is why doesn't the media hold politician X accountable for Y. Right? And I write back, well, what do you mean? Because we ask the politician about this, we did follow-up questions, we point out that what X said or Y said was a lie. What you're objecting to is the fact that the politician you don't like that --"
SCARBOROUGH: "You don't like the answer."
ROBERTS: " His campaign didn't immediately collapse."
SCARBOROUGH: "That's what I said. I think it was Eric of the "Washington Post" said, well, how dare you have a town hall meeting where you don't ask about his racist comments and his --"
BRZEZINSKI:  "Terrible comments."
SCARBOROUGH: "All these terrible comments. By the way, CNN, he didn't write that article after CNN was asking what his favorite flavor of ice cream was and how he slept and what does he order when he goes through McDonald's. We asked tough questions and it wasn't the first time that we ever interviewed him. And that's the frustration. We've asked the tough questions about muslims, we've asked the tough questions about Mexicans, we've asked the tough questions about John McCain, but don't you get a sense, gene, from people who are complaining to you that if you don't stand on top of him with your knees on his chest and stab him in the side of the neck until he bleeds out it's never going to be enough." 
ROBINSON: "That was rather descriptive. 
SCARBOROUGH: " I'm serious. It would not be gene. 
ROBINSON: That would not be enough. Unless it causes his support to completely go away. 
BARNICLE: "I think that's part of it."
BRZEZINSKI: "And here is the big lie, by the way --"
SCARBOROUGH: "What people are objecting to are the fact that he continues to do well."
BRZEZISNKI: "Do your jobs, we'll do ours. Let's play fair."
SCARBOROUGH: "Here is the amazing thing and I do understand there's a great deal of resentment out there, we are analysts, our job is to analyze and Mika and I certainly understand you're really angry because we called this first. We understand you're humiliated because this is your job and while you were saying Donald Trump was a joke, we were saying that Donald Trump was actually going to have an impact on this race. We understand that while you said there was no way he would even get into the race Mika was saying he could win the Republican nomination."
BRZEZINSKI: "And he might not."
SCARBOROUGH: "He might not. We said he might. And people hated us for even saying he might. I know it's humiliating to you, I've done some things that have been really humiliating in my life, too. So, listen, I'm going to pray for you. We're in the bible belt here and we're going to pray you get through it."
BRZEZINSKI: "This has been fun."
SCARBOROUGH: "Here is the thing, can I say all the people say amen."
SCARBOROUGH: " Let's pray for them. Listen, you can be humiliated but look inward because, you know, my mom always told me in the swamps of northwest Florida when you point a finger at a person you've got four fingers at you. How about that?"

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