S.C. Superdelegate: Sanders Could Win Double Digit Percentage of Black Voters in S.C.

‘I don’t believe that there is any way that Secretary Clinton will lose here in South Carolina’


KORNACKI: “I like having a neutral observer —“
KORNACKI: “— because we’ve been talking so much in the run up to South Carolina about specifically the black vote here, because this is going to be the first state with a very significant black population to vote on the Democratic side. And the Clinton campaign has been making a lot of her advantage — we see in the polls with black voters, the Sanders campaign saying, look, we know we need to make inroads but we’re making inroads. Is that something you are seeing here? Is the Sanders campaign making inroads of black voters in South Carolina?”
COBB-HUNTER: “Well, I’d say two things to you, not just the Clinton campaign but the media has made a lot of the Clinton support among black voters. I have seen here in this state inroads that Bernie Sanders has made in the black community. Quite frankly, he was an unknown quantity, once he had a chance to come in here and start letting black folk know who he is, what he stands for, I think you’ve seen some change in the numbers. I don’t believe that there’s any way that senator — Secretary Clinton will lose here in South Carolina, but it is important and I’ve been saying for months now the margin of victory is important. What Bernie Sanders has done should not be underestimated as far as outreach in the black community. He has support here, it is not — it is in my opinion, not something that he needs to be concerned about winning all of the black vote, I’ve been saying for months now, all he need to do —“  
KORNACKI: “How close could he get it?”
COBB-HUNTER: “Well, I think from what I am observing is that he will probably wind up in double-digits here, which in and of itself is a testament to his campaign. Now, that is not a victory in the real sense of the word as far as him coming out of South Carolina with more delegates, with more of the popular vote than Secretary Clinton, but I think it does speak to the level of enthusiastic support that Senator Sanders has here in the state.”

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