Cruz Camp Mocks Gowdy’s ‘Limited Skills’ After Reacting to Fake FB Page

‘Trey Gowdy ... is a former federal prosecutor with a apparently limited skills’

CARLSON: “I want to go now to Senator Rubio claim that you brought up at the top of the show. His campaign is crying dirty politics blaming  your candidate Cruz of sending out a fake Facebook post claiming South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is switching sides and supporting now Cruz, while Gowdy issuing a statement saying this: 'It matters to me and all South Carolinians ... Unfortunately, it appears  that the campaign of Senator Ted Cruz may not place a same value on waging a contest based on the truth and fact.' A pretty strong statement now coming from Trey Gowdy. The accusations were alive and well in Iowa as well with your camp against Ben Carson where you had to apologize. So what do you say in this case?”
TYLER: “First of all, Trey Gowdy who was a former federal prosecutor with apparently limited skills failed to look up at that Facebook page that started in 2014. Now, the Cruz campaign would add an amazing foresight to predict that a) we would be in the race and Rubio would be in the race, and c) Trey Gowdy would support Marco Rubio so that we could have a  Facebook ready to go to make sure everybody knew Trey Gowdy has switched positions.”
CARLSON: “So you're not behind this at all? You camp is not behind this at all?"
TYLER: “Absolutely not. And the irony here is there was a representative from  Facebook in our office the day this happened and they asked about it and they looked it up. And guess what, Marco Rubio’s campaign made no attempt to take it down. So they asked us what we would like to do and we said go ahead and take it down. It was down in three minutes. The Marco Rubio campaign is lying about it because they didn't do anything to take the phony Facebook post down.”

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