Tad Devine: Clinton’s Attacks ‘Are Falling Short’

‘I just think those attacks are falling short’


MITCHELL: “She has to go visit — physically be present and many of them have maxed out.” [crosstalk]
DEVINE: “I mean, listen, she’s in New York today, doing [event] at Blackstone Group, OK? One of the biggest Wall Street firms. So, you know, they have to spend their time doing that. Bernie Sanders, when he gave his acceptance speech in New Hampshire, basically said I’m [indecipherable] a fundraiser right now. When he said that, believe or not, 51,000 people went to the web site and contributed money. We raised $2 million in a matter of minutes. We raised $8 million over the course of 48 hours in and around the New Hampshire primary. So, that’s the difference, this technology is making, and the support we get from people across the country.”
MITCHEL: “What about the criticism though that people have made — and I’ve interviewed people from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, and who say that the proposals don’t add up. And that is one of the points she’s been trying to make.”
DEVINE: “Sure. I would say, you know, 170 economists, leading economists, people like Bob Reich and others have said that Bernie’s plans both in terms of health care, in terms of the budget, are fully costed, that there is a lot of support for them — yes, wealthy people and wealthy corporations that don’t pay taxes in America today are going to have to pay taxes if Bernie Sanders is president. That’s what he’s going to fight for. But we think this country has plenty of resources to have health care for all, to have universal college education, to move America forward to make major investments.” [crosstalk]
MITCHELL: “And you don’t think there’s a big hole in that budget?”
DEVINE: “No, we don’t at all. every proposal he’s put forward it’s costed. It’s been a responsible plan that he’s put forward. We’re willing to debate those. And listen, I think it would be better if Hillary Clinton  decided to debate our plans instead of watching these attacks. You know, Bernie Sanders has never said President Obama is weak, OK? He criticized one of his budget deals with the Congress as being weak, but  when you take what he says and you distort it and you attack that way, you know, I just think those attacks are falling short.”

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