Nicolle Wallace: Wall St. Speeches ‘Not Going Away’ for Clinton

‘This issue is not going away, this is where [Sanders] has distinct advantage over her in the debates and on the trail’

LAUER: “The last topic, Wall Street. She said she wouldn't be influenced by the big banks. He said, let's not think of the voters as dumb. How did he do with that?"
WALLACE: "Front page of the Wall Street Journal has a story about how--I think they used word gushy her talks were. She's not going to get away with not releasing more information."
LAUER: "Just -- what you are saying is 'gushy' when she was speaking in the paid speeches for the banks?"
WALLACE: "Right, when she made hundreds of thousands of dollars speaking to the banks. This issue is not going away. This is where he has a distinct advantage over her on the debates and on  the trail."
GUTRHRIE: "By the way, in that very instance, just to come full circle here, she said President Obama took some of the money from Wall Street and nobody said he didn't stand up to the banks."
KORNACKI: "Yes, she has made that point but again, that comeback from Sanders, why did they give the money then, that's easy to understand."

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