Jeb: My Brother George Will Be ‘Quite Helpful’

‘What Donald Trump says about my brother has no relevance ... he is popular because he kept us safe’

STEPHANOPOULOS: "Governor, thank you for joining us this morning. As jJn just alluded to, your brother is very popular in South Carolina. He got his way to the nomination by defeating John McCain there in 2000. I know you hope history repeats itself. Donald Trump saying bringing your brother is a sign of desperation. Why not call on him earlier? What do you hope he can do for you now?"
BUSH: "Well, look, he's been supportive for a long while. this was the appropriate place for him to start his campaigning. This is the beginning of the campaign. what Donald Trump says about my brother has no relevance to this. He's popular because he kept us safe. People here are pro-military. Pro-veterans. My brother served as commander-in-chief and people respect that. And now, we're in a commander-in-chief primary, commander-in-chief election. We're living in dangerous times. I think for my brother to speak on my behalf about the skills I have to lead this country will be helpful."

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