Scarborough Calls Hillary Clinton Spokesman Brian Fallon ‘Hack’ and ‘Desperate’

‘Yes, Hillary Clinton’s week just went from bad to worse’


BRZEZINSKI: “The State Department.” 
RATTNER: “The inspector general.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “It’s the inspector general that is politically motivated, just like for the State Department John Kerry’s State Department, Chris Cillizza, just like it is the justice Department’s — our Intel agency’s ig who is politically motivated, too, the Clintons just can’t — you know what makes me sad is it makes me sad that Hillary Clinton and her people continue to attack the integrity of Barack Obama. I think Barack Obama has been a great president and I just wonder why she’s attacking Barack Obama this way. I don’t think Bernie Sanders has questioned the integrityover Barack Obama’s State Department. I don’t think —“
RATTNER: “I think we’re getting a little far out there.”
SCARBOROUGH: “No, let’s be serious here for a second. When your hack spokesman starts attacking inspector generals and the Intel agencies and your hack spokesman starts attacking the integrity of inspectors generals in John Kerry’s State Department you’re desperate and I agree with you because of their hack spokesman’s approach to this attacking the integrity of inspectors generals that, yes, Hillary Clinton’s week just went from bad to worse.”
CILLIZZA: “Yeah, look, you know, here’s the problem right? She gave an interview with Rachel Maddow and was asked about the idea that a lots and lots of people — Democrats importantly — don’t believe she’s honest and trustworthy. And her answer was ‘Well, the reason for that is because there’s been years and years of concerted Republican attack on me that none of it has been founded.’” 
BRZEZINSKI: “And I have the scars to prove it.”
CILLIZZA: “And I have the scars to prove it, exactly, Mika. Now, that is true. There’s no question that Republicans have spent years sort of not liking the Clintons. But at the same time — and this is why this latest investigation matters — this is the State Department and the FBI. This isn’t the house select committee on Benghazi. This isn’t Ted Cruz. This isn’t Donald T. It’s hard to make the case this is a vast right wing conspiracy when you have — and, remember, there are now three ongoing investigations, inquiries, there’s the State Department into the Clinton foundation and Huma Abedin, there’s the State Department into the private e-mail server and the FBI into the private e-mail server as well as what’s going on in Congress. Those three investigations have nothing to do. I’m pretty sure the State Department and FBI don’t take their marching orders from Paul Ryan or Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. I think it undermines that idea that this is somehow a orchestrated attempt to bring her down. That may exist but that’s not what these investigations are.”

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