‘Morning Joe’ Attacks Cruz for Anti-Hillary, ‘Office Space’ Themed Ad with Profanity

‘I’m guessing 98 percent of voters in the primary, older voters especially, don’t understand why he’s swearing, having a rapper swear in an ad’

JACKSON: “...listen to the — a little bit of the ad that’s out now against her.”
[clip starts]
UNKNOWN MALE (sings): “Damn it feels good to be a Clinton; damn it feels good to be a Clinton; a shameless politician always plays her cards right; got a crew for the fight on the airwaves; left dogs in the press keep their mouths tight; because a Clinton never needs to explain why it is, what they’ve done, or with who; a real Clinton knows that they’re entitled, and you don’t get to know what they do.”
UNKNOWN FEMALE: “What difference does it make?” 
UNKNOWN MALE: “For Clinton, what’s loaded on some fat apple file. A Clinton plays the victim for promotion, a Clinton kills it off with a smile. Damn it feels good to be a Clinton. A server full of secrets say nothing.”
[clip ends]
JACKSON: “All right. So obviously guys are spoof of ‘Office Space’ there.”
JACKSON: “Cruz getting a little cheeky with this ads, trying to throw some pop culture references in there. But you know, it’s interesting, what we’ve seen from Ted Cruz here in South Carolina guys versus what we saw in New Hampshire, he’s a more revved up energized candidate. And I think and my guess would be, that’s because of the crowd that he is seeing here. Last night he had some 2,000 people in a rally [indecipherable] with Glenn Beck. So, he is feeding off the energy from folks, particularly in the upcountry here in South Carolina, and that may help him as he moves into the weekend in the debate. He’s doing debate prep here in South Carolina this morning before speaking at a forum where we’ll also hear from Marco Rubio, from Jeb Bush, and I believe from Ben Carson as well. So for Ted Cruz, this is a state where he feels really confident and where he is going to be rolling out not just ads against Hillary Clinton like the one you just saw, but against Donald Trump too, since that’s the guy that he rally has to take down in order to mix and moves here in South Carolina.”
BRZEZINSKI: “All right, Hallie Jackson, thank you very much.”
SCARBOROUGH: “So Willie, let me ask you did — did I hear the ‘D’ word in that ad?”
GEIST: “Several times.”
SCARBOROUGH: “He — he said the ‘D’ word.”
BRZEZINSKI: “What’s the ‘D’ word?”
GEIST: “Several times.”
SCARBOROUGH: “I — I wouldn’t say it. I mean, you know, but it’s very interesting attacking Donald Trump for swearing and he’s actually doing ads that have vulgarities.”
GEIST: “It would — it was a —“ [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “It hurts — it hurts me because there are kids that watch this show.”
GEIST: “I know where you’re going there.”
SCARBOROUGH: “No. I mean — and —“
GEIST: “That’s a call back to ‘Office Space.’” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “Right. Exactly.”
GEIST: “It’s a very specific reference. You have to know that scene and that that song was in that movie.”
SCARBOROUGH: “And I loved ‘Office Space,’ OK? But it was like ‘Rated X’. So why is he doing this? Now — and you know, I just — I just wonder, John Heilemann, if Ted Cruz’s ads are being too clever by half, you started with the Donald Trump ad with the little kids playing with the Trump action doll which, you know, makes you laugh.”
BRZEZINSKI: “It’s funny.”
SCARBOROUGH: “It’s funny, imminent domain, and they trashed that thing.”
BRZEZINSKI: “And the parents are scared.”
SCARBOROUGH: “And then you got the porn star ad that Ted Cruz put out. And now you got this —“
BRZEZINSKI: “I thought that was before.”
SCARBOROUGH: “— again, for 12 of us that saw, love, and worship ‘Office Space,’ we get that. I’m guessing 98 percent of voters in the primary, older voters especially, don’t understand why he’s swearing, having a rapper swear in an ad. I just — it seems like he’s being too clever by half here.”

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