Obama: ‘One of My Few Regrets’ Is the Inability to ‘Reduce Polarization’ in Politics

‘We’ve gotten a heck of a lot done these past seven years, despite the gridlock’

"Now, over the last nine years, I want you to know my faith in the generosity and the fundamental goodness of the american people has been rewarded and affirmed over and over again. I've seen it in the determination of auto workers who have been laid off, that were sure they could once again be part of a great iconic american industry. I've see it in the single mom who goes back to school even as she's working an looking after her kids because she wants a peer life for that next generation. I've seen it in vision and risk taking of small businessmen. I've seen it time and time again in the courage of our troops. but it's been noted, often, by pundits pundits, that the tone of our politics hasn't gotten better since i was inaugural rated. In fact, it's gotten worse. that there's still this yawning gap between the magnitude of our challenges and the smallness f our politics. which is why in my final state of the union address, and in the one before that, i had to acknowledge that one of my few regrets is my inability to reduce the polarization and meanness in our politics. I was able to be part of that here and yet, couldn't translate it the way i wanted to to our politics in Washington. And people asked me why I've voted so much time to this topic and I tell them it's not just because I'm president and the polarization and gridlock are frustrating to me. the fact is, we've gotten a heck of a lot done these past seven years despite the gridlock. we saved the economy from a depression."

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