Todd: Sanders and Trump Are Going to Win the New Hampshire Primary

‘Can we stop ignoring who is going to win?’

BRZEZINSKI: “Chuck Todd. Good to have you on board, Chuck, with Sam —“ [crosstalk] (Applause)
TODD: “There we go. That’s nice.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Yeah, you get a big applause.” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “You know, Chuck, there’s so much —“
TODD: “Please clap.” (Laughter)
SCARBOROUGH: “— to talk about. Please, please clap. (Laughter) There’s so much to talk about here. [crosstalk] Republican side all jumbled. Democratic side. What’s — what’s your main story line right now, that you’re following?”
TODD: “Can we stop ignoring who is going to win?”
SCARBOROUGH: “Who is going to win?”
TODD: “We’re so worried about who’s going to finish second and third and fourth. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are going to win the New Hampshire primary.”
SCARBOROUGH: “You think so?”
TODD: “Six months ago we all thought that was an insane thought.”
TODD: “Think about what — six months ago as we said that they are on the verge of winning New Hampshire primary. [indecipherable] said, that’s crazy. And when the — “ [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “Are you — are you —“
TODD: “No I’m not 100 percent sure. It’s New Hampshire. So you never know. These folks, you know, they wake up, pick up the Pepperidge farm and go, ‘Ah, I’m going someplace else.’ You know, the cranky New Englanders, we’ve got to love them. But, no, it is hard to imagine that somebody that has led in 75 straight polls like Trump has or with Sanders, I think he’s something like 50 out of 55 or something — they’re likely going to win. And that in itself, we should stop worrying about who is second and start realizing —“
SCARBOROUGH: “I will say —“
TODD: “— that New Hampshire is sending — the country is ticked off and New Hampshire is the first one to tell us.”
SCARBOROUGH: “If — if that happens.”

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