Sanders: Dems Backing Hillary Creating ‘Narrative’ that I Need Help in Foreign Policy

‘This is the same argument made against Barack Obama’

[clip start]
SNOW: “...foreign policy adviser?”
SANDERS: “Do I have — I’ve talked to many, many, many people.”
SNOW: “But do you have somebody on your campaign who is —“ [crosstalk]
SANDERS: “Yes. Well not on my campaign, but somebody in my [senate] office, yeah.”
SNOW: “But do you need more help in that arena? I mean, would you be — are you hoping to more people coming in and —” [crosstalk]
SANDERS: “Kate, Kate — what media does, as you know, there’s a narrative that develops so one person says it and the another person says it. Let me —”
SNOW: “This isn’t just the media saying this though, with all due respect, this is your colleagues saying this —“
SANDERS: “This is my colleagues —“
SNOW: “Democrats who support Hillary Clinton primarily.”
SANDERS: “Yeah. Yes, that’s right. So this is political. I understand that, that’s fine. But again, this is the same argument made against Barack Obama, I think by and large he has done a very good job in foreign policy and in fact, I’m supporter of a lot of what he did.”
[clip ends]

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