CNN: Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice Staffers Received Classified Info via Personal Email

Colin Powell and top staffers for Condoleezza Rice received classified information through personal email accounts, according to a new report from State Department investigators


PEREZ: “We’re talking about two e-mails that are now deemed classified that former secretary of state Colin Powell received on his personal e-mail, and ten classified e-mails who were received by close aides to Condoleezza Rice when she was secretary of state. These were uncovered by the State Department’s internal watchdog, which has been reviewing the e-mail practices of the past five secretaries of state. And of course this review — review began last year after Hillary Clinton revealed that she’d set up a private e-mail server. This has been met as a — they think this is a revelation that’s bolsters what she’s been saying all along that she isn’t the only official with classified information in her private e-mails. But we should point out that Powell and Rice didn’t have their own computer servers to do all of their government work, Anderson.”
COOPER: “So have Powell or Rice responded?”
PEREZ: “Both have responded, and both are disputing this inspector general’s report. Powell says the two e-mails were messages sent by U.S. ambassadors to his staff. And were passed along to him. And he says he has reviewed these messages. We have a statement from him. He says what he looks at when he looks at these e-mails he doesn’t see what makes them classified and certainly not a dozen years later. Rice’s staff at Stanford University says she never used e-mails at all and that there was no intelligence information in the diplomatic messages sent to her staff, Anderson.”

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