CBS’ Garrett: Cruz and Trump ‘Brought out the Brass Knuckles’ as They Battle in N.H.

Donald Trump tried to diminish Ted Cruz’s Iowa caucus victory by accusing him of hard-ball voter mobilization tactics and sabotaging Ben Carson on caucus night


ROSE: “Tempers are rising in the presidential race with Ted Cruz firing at Donald Trump in their escalating feud. The Republican field is narrowing ahead of the New Hampshire primary. Rick Santorum suspended his campaign last night, leaving nine in the race. Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee also dropped out on this week.”
O’DONNELL: “Donald Trump had plane trouble yesterday making him late for a rally in Arkansas. But that didn’t stop him from hitting his chief rival Ted Cruz with another barrage of attacks. Cruz saying Trump is, quote, losing it, after finishing second in Iowa. Major Garrett is in Keen, New Hampshire, with all of the back and forth. Major, good morning.”
GARRETT: “Good morning! Donald Trump tried to diminish Ted Cruz’s Iowa caucus victory on twitter and elsewhere accusation him of using hardball sabotaging Ben Carson on caucus night. Cruz dismissed these charges and the Iowa Republican Party certified Cruz the winner, said no rules were broken and declared the results final.”
[clip starts]
TRUMP: “Ted Cruz goes out. You talk about liars.”
CRUZ: “I don’t think people are interested in a temper tantrum or you could call it a Trumper tantrum.” (Laughter)
GARRETT (Voice-over): “Battleing in a state that like hard-edged politics, Trump and Cruz brought out brass knuckles.”
CRUZ: “He is losing it!...I mean, we are liable to wake up one morning and Donald, if he were president, would have nuked Denmark.”
GARRETT (Voice-over): “Trump in turn accused Cruz of stealing or manipulating votes in Iowa.”
TRUMP: “Actually, I think I came in first because, if you take a look, okay? You know? Oh, that voter fraud! You know, these politicians are brutal.”
GARRETT (Voice-over): “The long reasoning feud tip toed into domestic policy.”
TRUMP: “Ted Cruz gave us ObamaCare. Believe me.”
CRUZ: “He wants to expand ObamaCare so that every person the ferguson takes over your health care, the federal government is in charge of your doctors.”
TRUMP: “You know, it’s a flat-out lie, a flat-out lie.”
GARRETT (Voice-over): “Beyond the Trump and Cruz show, the remaining Republicans are fighting fiercely for attention and acknowledgment.”
BUSH: “To get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. Please, clap.”
GARRETT (Voice-over): “Chris Christie, who depends on a top three finish here, continued to ridicule Marco Rubio as a preprogram lightweight.”
CHRISTIE: “This New Hampshire program is down to a race between me and Marco Rubio and everybody knows it. Marco was a run-by by the town hall.”
GARRETT (Voice-over): “Rubio was the primary target of the GOP field and ignored Christie.”
RUBIO: “These are people think I’m a threat to win. That means we are doing something right.”
[clip ends]
GARRETT: “Trump is buckling under pressure to see more New Hampshire voters face-to-face. Four Trump events today. Two added in the last 24 hours. For Governor Christie, he’ll have his 63rd New Hampshire town hall here at the elks club in keen. The bad news, he is currently running sixth in the polls.”
KING: “That would count as bad news. Thank you very much, Major.”

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