State Dept. Official Admits ‘Mistakes’ in Ukraine; U.S. Funding ‘Unaccounted For’

‘So, a lot of people that go to these places like Ukraine...they make a stupid amount of money and then they come back and buy all these homes’


JOURNALIST: “Are there mistakes in Ukraine?”
FITZGERALD: “One hundred percent.”
JOURNALIST: “Really? Like, what kind of mistakes?”
FITZGERALD: “Like -- I don't know. When you're dealing with that much money you can't like responsibly, you could do the best you can to monitor how it's used.”
FITZGERALD: “Like, when you're at like that scale with like only like so much staff there, like at some point you just have to take a degree of risk with it.”
JOURNALIST: “So there's money disappearing that we don't know about?”
FITZGERALD: “Not disappearing. But --”
JOURNALIST: “Like unaccounted for?”
FITZGERALD: “Probably unaccounted for, yes.”


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