Sanders on Clinton E-mail Scandal: ‘All Issues Affect Electability’

‘Every issue is an issue of consideration for voters’

GUTHRIE: “Senator, let’s talk about the issue of electability. It’s something that Hillary Clinton raises a lot on the trail. Let me put it to you a different way, in terms of her electability. On the issue of her e-mails, you’ve said you’re sick of hearing about them. You’ve said it’s a serious issue but there’s a process and set that aside. Let me ask you this instead, should Democratic voters making a decision between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders factor that in? Should they consider the fact that this is an issue that Clinton faces, for better or worse, over which she has no control? Does it affect her electability?”
SANDERS: “Well, Savannah, I think all issues affect electability. And what I will tell you is two things. Number one, if you look at the match-up polls that I’ve taken place recently, Bernie Sanders against Republican candidates, we are doing very, very well. We beat Mr. Trump by a whole lot, and a lot more than Hillary Clinton. Second of all, Democrats win when voter turnout is high, Republicans win when voter turn out is low. I think our campaign has the energy to rally working people, middle class people, young people, high voter turnout, we win the general election. But all factors, every issue, is an issue of consideration for voters.”
LAUER: “A lot to watch over the coming days. Senator Sanders, we appreciated your time this morning. Thanks very much.”

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