Bob Schieffer: Tie with Sanders Underscores Hillary Clinton’s Problems

‘This’s not a victory for Hillary Clinton’

ROSE: "And on the Democratic side?"
SCHIEFFER: "You know, I think Hillary Clinton has problems. I think this really underscored that. Her only opposition, the one democratic candidate, and she has, you know, Bernie Sanders an devout socialist who never sought office as a candidate gave her a real run. This was not a victory for Hillary Clinton and now you go into New Hampshire, which is next door to his own state-- I think Bernie Sanders will win there. The bad news for Bernie Sanders is this may be where it all ends for him. Once you get to South Carolina---I mean, she's got a fire wall there. Let's not forget, Bill Clinton was called the first black president in America." [crosstalk]
O'DONNELL: "But Bill Clinton lost Iowa and New Hampshire."
SCHIEFFER: "Yes, but he's going to be at every black church in South Carolina. You are going to see him out there. I just  don't see where Bernie goes from here."
ROSE: "Is it too late for any other democrat to get in the race at this time?"
SCHIEFFER: "I don't know. I don't know the answer to that. We'll have to wait and see as we go down the line."
KING: "And what about Mike Huckabee, he's out but what about the rest of the guys, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Kasich?"
ROSE: "And how tough will they be on Marco?"
KING: "Do they have a shot?"
SCHIEFFER: "I think it will be Marco Rubio's show from here on in. He is going to be where the focus. If they can find, coalesce around him, I think then you have got a real race. Donald Trump's not out of it yet and let's give Cruz credit where credit is due. He won. That's going to give him some momentum but the race is not over yet. This is going to be a long race."
ROSE: "Good for us."
SCHIEFFER: "You bet."
O'DONNELL: "Fun to watch."
SCHIEFFER: "The loser will have to wear those pants." (Laughter)
ROSE: "Only a winner wears these pants."
O'DONNELL: "That's right."
KING: "Charlie is rocking the pants. A confident man wears those pants. That's confidence. Bob, thank you. I know we will see you again."

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