Andrea Mitchell Defends Hillary on E-mails: ‘I Don’t Think There Is Legal Culpability’

‘You have to prove intent, you have to prove motive’

Andrea Mitchell Defends Hillary on Emails: 'I Don't Think There is Legal Culpability' (NewsBusters)

Hillary Clinton's criminal defense attorney made a surprise appearance on today's Morning Joe, saying . oh, wait: that wasn't Hillary's lawyer--it was Andrea Mitchell. Same difference.

Relying on her sources, Mitchell asserted "I don't think there is the legal culpability here."  Andrea first suggested that Hillary lacked "intent." Joe Scarborough pushed back hard, noting that the statute also criminalizes being "reckless" with classified material. Mitchell then switched to a truly absurd argument. Noting that the official State Department system had been hacked, Mitchell said that Hillary's "defense could well be the whole damn system is vulnerable." Shot back Scarborough sarcastically" "good luck with the Justice Department on that."

At one point, admitting she isn't a lawyer, Mitchell said "I only play one on TV." She certainly went all Johnnie Cochran on Hillary's behalf today. Can anyone remember a supposedly objective "correspondent" so blatantly defending a politician on the criminal hotseat?



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