Christie: ‘Just Not True’ Race Is over if Trump Wins Iowa

‘That’s the way lots of folks sound and that’s just not true’


SCARBOROUGH: “Steve Rattner.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Definitely Rattner.”
RATTNER: “It’s a long chess game but I can’t think of one time when polls with so solid every state. How do you eventually stop him?”
CHRISTIE: “Every day is a new day in a campaign and everyday a candidate is put under the microscope and as this field gets smaller, the microscope gets larger and so if it were static things would end today. Like if you say, okay, Donald is ahead in these polls OK, he wins Iowa, everybody go home. That’s the way lot of folks sound.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Let’s put this mass poll up that just came back out. Governor Christie, I want you to look. Donald trump way ahead, Cruz in second place but looking at this, speaking of governors, bush, Kasich, Rubio, Chris Christie. You guys are all within the margin of error. The next four, the so-called establishment lane, it’s tied.”
CHRISTIE: “So that’s why I’m saying this week coming up in New Hampshire is going to be the week when someone will break out and you want to be the person that breaks out so we have a lot of things planned for New Hampshire that we think will help us to break out and we also spent more time than anybody else so we think we have a better base than anyone else in New Hampshire. So we’re looking forward to it. When you think about it, you look at the ‘Des Moines Register’ poll, we’re ahead of Jeb Bush. He spent about 20 times the amount of money, maybe 30 times the amount of money. So we feel we’ll connect with people emotionally, that will make the difference here and in New Hampshire.”

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