Trump on Running for President: ‘I Didn’t Think I’d Enjoy This’

‘I really enjoy this process’

SCARBOROUGH: “Mike — Mike Barnicle?”
BARNICLE: “Donald, today as people vote in caucuses is the first step in a long and exhausting process. In addition to the search for personal stamina what has this process so far taught you about yourself have you learned anything about yourself that you haven’t known prior to this?”
TRUMP: “Well I think more than anything else what I’ve learned about other things would be the people of this country are incredible, they’re smart, they get it, they know what’s happening. About myself is that I really enjoy this process, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it this much. I mean, I’ve gone all out and, you know a lot of people said when I announced, ‘well, he’s just going to have some fun and do it and then he’ll get — more continue to get great ratings on ‘The Apprentice’’. And they thought I was doing it for that. And I dropped ‘The Apprentice’ which was hard for me to do because it’s been a great show for a long period of time and NBC wanted me so badly they would have done anything to have me. Steve Burke, who is a viewer of your show, by the way, as you know, but the head of Comcast came up to my office with a group from NBC and wanted me to sign and do more ‘Apprentice’ and didn’t want me to run. I said ‘Steve, I really — I’m going to run and you know, therefore, I couldn’t do the show.’ But, I never knew I was going to enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been incredible. I’ve really enjoyed it. And so — and that might even surprise you guys. I think that might even surprise Joe and Mika. But I’ve really enjoyed the process and, you know, I look forward to tonight and I look forward to leaving probably very late tonight or depending on what happens with the storm. It looks like the storm is going to miss the hours that we have to worry about for the caucus, so that will be good. It will start really tomorrow morning sometime. But I’ll be heading out —“
BRZEZINSKI: “All right.”
TRUMP: “— to New Hampshire where the people have been equally incredible and where the poll numbers are even better.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Well, we look forward to catching up with you on the way to New Hampshire. Donald Trump, thank you very much for being on this morning. We will see what happens tonight.”

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