Sanders: Raising Taxes Not a Problem for Dems; Hillary Will Be the Problem

‘I think in fact Hillary Clinton will be the problem’

TODD: "But obviously to pay for it, and to pay for a lot of your ideas, you’re going to be raising some taxes. Nancy Pelosi, head of the house Democrats said this. We’re not running on any platform of raising taxes. It was an implied sort of she didn’t want you at the top of the ticket with those house Democrats. What do you tell her?"
TODD: "You know, Chuck, let’s just look at the facts. The facts are that we are spending far more than other countries on health care. My proposal will save middle class families thousands of dollars a year on their health care costs. Most people tell me, yes, they would be happy to pay $1,000 more in taxes if they’re paying $5,000 less in health care premiums. So, you know, this is an issue where we have got to control health care costs, guarantee health care to all people and do what every other major country on Earth is doing. We have got to take on the drug companies who are ripping us off and the private insurance companies."
TODD: "And you don’t think you’re going to be a problem for house Democrats who don’t want to run on raising taxes?"
SANDERS: "No, I think in fact Hillary Clinton will be the problem. Because I think our campaign is the campaign that is generating excitement and energy that will result in a high voter turnout. Republicans win when voter turnout is low. Democrats win when voter turnout is high. I think our campaign is raising the issue about a rid the economy of corrupt campaign finance system. Secretary Clinton yesterday just announced, I suppose with pride, that her super pac brought in $45 million. I don’t have a super PAC. Our average contribution is $27."

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