Christie: ‘America Needs a Washington-to-English Dictionary’

‘America needs a Washington-to-English dictionary so that they actually can understand what these people are talking about’


SCARBOROUGH: "From Des Moines, Iowa, let’s have Republican presidential candidate governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Governor, we were watching last night and we heard a lot of back and forth and as you believe you cut right through with your “I need a Washington-to-America dictionary.'"

BRZEZINSKI: "Maybe an app."

SCARBOROUGH: "Maybe it would be an app. But how did the debate go for you last night."

CHRISTIE: "Listen, I thought it went very well. I — once again, Joe and Mika, good morning, I answered the questions, you know, I thought I answered them directly and I think you see what happened. They showed video last night of Senator Rubio and Senator Cruz obviously having changed their positions on immigration and neither one of them are willing to admit it. That’s why people are so frustrated with Washington, D.C. No accountability and they try to tell you what we just saw and heard wasn’t really true."

SCARBOROUGH: "One of the most galling things, Chris, is the fact we’ve said it here. I don’t mind when people change their positions, every changes their positions. What is so galling is watching these two guys being self-righteous about the fact “You have changed your position on this and your heart is not pure.” And you’ve just run a video three seconds before of how they’ve done the same thing."

CHRISTIE: "Well, it’s true and the fact is that Senator Cruz I think had a tough time explaining those videos but so did Senator Rubio and Senator Rubio seems to just not want to answer. He acts as if he’s deaf. Like say they this stuff to him and he gives them the prepared answer his staff gave him before he got up there. And I have to tell you, standing up there, you shake your head and that’s why I intervene and said is why America needs a Washington-to-English dictionary so that they actually can understand what these people are talking about?”

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