Huckabee: I Don’t Understand the Skepticism from Vet. Groups over Trump’s Event

‘There shouldn’t have to be outside veterans’ groups to help veterans’

CUOMO: “Do you understand the skepticism of some of the vets group saying, ‘Hey, don’t use us as part of politics, give us real policy reform, but don’t use us this way.’ Do you understand that skepticism?”
HUCKABEE: “No, not really, because last night over $6 million was raised for veterans groups. $6 million going towards helping these people who the government should be helping. The truth is there shouldn’t have to be any outside veterans groups to help veterans. There shouldn’t be any. That is a responsibility of the United States of America. They should be getting the first fruits of our treasury. Everybody else ought to wait in line until the veterans gets served and then everyone else lines up behind them. That’s not how it is happening, Chris. We've got people are waiting three months, six months to get treated. Many of these folks are coming back and some of those wounds are not visible. Some of the wounds are deep within their soul. PTSD is a very serious issue that is facing so many of these heroes who are coming home. One of the most powerful moments of the evening was when John Wayne Walding, a Green Beret, who is a green beret, lost his leg in combat, and he spoke eloquently and brilliantly about how two words change the veterans' life--simple words, 'thank you.' So last night I stood on that stage to join other people to say to those veterans, thank you.”

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