Jim Gilmore: ‘I Am Going To Be President, I Don’t Have Time for’ Trump’s Sideshow

‘I do not approve of Donald Trump’s scapegoating of groups’

RIVERA: "Is it too late for you?"
GILMORE: "Iowa isn't where I have chosen to stake my stand. I love the people in Iowa, I am participating in New Hampshire. Then South Carolina and then on into the nomination. That the best place, strategically, to make the decision to go, and that's what I've been doing."
RIVERA: "Those participating in the undercard debate, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee are also joining Donald Trump. Would you consider that at all to join them?"
GILMORE: "Certainly not. My job is to run the campaign for the president of the united States, I should be the president of the United States. I don't have time for side shows. I have to get the opportunity to speak for the American people about what matters. Take the economy for example, the economy is not good in this country. People are not getting opportunities they need to get. We can do something about it but this is my chance to speak it that. I don't care if Donald Trump SP out doing something somewhere else. It doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is what is needed for the help to help the American people."
RIVERA: "Governor, very quickly, if Trump is the nominee, he will not have your support?"
GILMORE: "I have not said anything like that. I've been a life-long Republican. I've always supported the Republican candidate. But I do not approve of Donald Trump's scapegoating of groups. Hispanics, Muslims, women, Asians, African-American, so I don't intend for him to be the nominee and guide this party, I intend to be the nominee and move this party in direction that is governing for all the people of the United States."

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