Clinton Spox Attacks Voter for Asking Trustworthiness Question

‘If I am not mistaken, that voter did say he’s a Bernie supporter’


FINNEY: "If I am not mistaking that voter did say he is a Bernie supporter and I actually think he actually done a Bernie website. So I'm not surprised that's the kind of question he would ask because that is, as she pointed out, the kind of stuff that the folks on the Right and the folks opposing her like to throw at her. And I think later in the program she was asked about e-mails, and she talked about that, how she didn't do anything wrong, it was within the rules, all of those things. Here's what I think matters the most. I think when people go to caucus on Monday, I think when they go to their polling places when they're in their primaries, they are going to be asking themselves who is the person that I can trust to get the job done for me and my families? And I think that's when they're going to say, you know what, Hillary Clinton is that person. One other thing I do want to say, she does remain very -- she's, what, the most popular woman in the world for the 20th time or something, you know, in all these years. So, again, I would take that with a little bit of a grain of salt because she is a very popular figure in the Democratic Party."

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