Willie Geist: Clinton’s Wall Street Problem ‘One of Her Own Making’

‘If you ask people on Wall Street they feel comfortable with Hillary Clinton as president’

BRZEZINSKI: “So, Willie, there are candidates in this race — it’s incredible — who just don’t have this problem — that this would never — it would never happen.”
GEIST: “Well, it’s a problem of her own making.” [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “One of them is her opponent.”
GEIST: “It’s a problem of her own making, Mark Halperin. I think if you ask, you talk to the same people I do. If you ask people on Wall Street they feel comfortable with Hillary Clinton as president. I think they feel like she’s pragmatic, that she’s not the populist that some of her rhetoric has suggests she is, they feel like if she’s elected president they’re going to be just fine.”
HALPERIN: “Well, there’s a comfort level there and Bernie Sanders is taking advantage of that. Every time someone from Wall Street says exactly what you just said, Sanders uses that as leverage. President Obama, there was an article in the ‘New York Times’ got a lot of attention about how he and some of his aids seem to be tilting towards Hillary Clinton. You have other voices in the Democratic Party — Joe Biden we talked about a few weeks ago, speaking out in a way that seemed to tilt towards Sanders, Elizabeth Warren same thing. So, Bernie Sanders is not alone now in this fight. He is doing a skillful job of kid of consolidating, not just the passion for change but the anti-Clinton sentiment that exists in a certain part of the party and he is proving to be a more skillful and aggressive politician than he seemed just a couple months ago.”

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