Kimmel Says Knight Insurance Owner Who Loaned Trump His Bond Will Be the ‘Next Owner of Mar-a-Lago’

‘Our former president got a loan from a re-po man’


KIMMEL: “This is the man with the good sense to loan a lot of money to Donald Trump. There he is, the next owner of Mar-a-Lago, billionaire Don Hankey, also known as 'the king of the subprime car loans.' Don Hankey sells loans to people with less-than-exceptional credit. Forbes said his company repossesses about 250 cars a day. Our former president got a loan from a repo man.
(Laughter and Applause)
And not just any run-of-the-mill repo man. This company is known for — what they do is they fake their caller ID so it looks like they’re calling from a local pizza place and then they pounce. I would love to be there to see Trump waiting at the door for a Meat Lovers Supreme —  
— only to find out his tower has been repossessed next door."

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