Fmr. Deputy A.G.: Hillary Clinton Is ‘in Big Legal Trouble’

‘This is a very serious allegation’


HEMMER: "Do you have agree with the judge on that? Is she in big legal trouble or not?"
DUPREE: "I think she is in big legal trouble, Bill. Here is the bottom line. The conduct that appears to have happened here is indistinguishable and worse than what General Petreaus did which resulted in a criminal charge. I think Hillary Clinton is making a big mistake by trying to laugh this off. this is a serious allegation."
HEMMER: "How do you when comparing the two cases respond to this? The allegation is that Petreaus willingly showed classified information to others, she did not. What would you say about that, Tom?"
DUPREE: "To my mind, that's not a meaningful distinction. In Hillary Clinton's case the distinguishing factor is just the volume of information. In Petraeus' case it was diaries and records that he gave to his biographer. But in Hillary Clinton's case she made vast amounts of information potentially publicly available to anyone who could access her home brew server. As  the judge was saying, this not just emails bark and forth. This is our most secret, most sensitive intelligence information."

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