Mike Lupica: Clinton Looks Like She Is ‘Cutting a Hostage Tape’ When She Speaks

Scarborough: ‘[Trump] is having a good time’

SCARBOROUGH: “We will get back to that in a minute, but let’s first talk presidential politics and let;s go back to the show. The pictures of this show over night, thousand people. I grew up in Pensacola, Florida. I have been there for a thousand different events. I never saw anything like the picture that I saw coming out from Pensacola from Donald Trump. It’s just — we love him, hate him, being indifferent about him, it’s just nothing like any of us have ever soon in politics before.“
LUPICA: “Joe, Donny and I were talking about this before I came out. I wrote this months ago. From the start this guy who has never done this not only showed you how good his is at it, was at this, and how much raveling he has in doing it, he was enjoying himself.”
SCARBOROUGH: “He’s having a good time.”
LUPICA: “And you look at Hillary and she looks so often when she is giving one of these speeches like she’s cutting a hostage tape. And that is resonating with the voters and it has no reached the point. And if you said last week, wait a minute, these people are going to wait in line that long to hear this guy’s speech, but they are not going to go two blocks and vote for him on February 1 or February 18. It’s not —it’s ridiculous!’ 

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