Fiorina: Clintons Have Craved Power Their Whole Lives

‘Bill and Hillary have used every position they have ever had to use or gain more power’


BARNICLE: "You said last night unlike Hillary Clinton, I love spending time with my husband. It struck people as a mean spirited comment. What information do you have about the Clintons' marriage?"
FIORINA: "I've been called all kinds of things and I'm sure there have been things said about me that's considered mean spirited. Look. Bill and Hillary have used every position they have ever had to use or gain more power, whether it was the oval office or the Clinton global initiative which is like this gigantic Ponzi scheme to sell, access, and influence. Whatever position they have been in together, they have used it to gain power and that's why Mrs. Clinton is running for office again. The thing is show's not the only political insider who craves power. We have some on the Republican side as well. But all of this power grabbing isn't serving the American people. It simply isn't. Now is the time go back and solve festering problems. We have to take our country back from the elite, from the establishment, from the political insiders of both partiesable restore power."

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