Pelosi on Iranians Getting $150 Billion from the Deal: ‘They May’ Do Bad Things with It

‘I think it’s very important for the American people to realize though that the money that’s being released is Iranian money’

CUOMO: “Another headline, we do here that the implementation of the Iran plan, the monitoring of its nuclear activity, will begin as soon as this weekend. Is that true? And if so, how does it begin?” 
PELOSI: “There are all these stages of the plan, the adoption, the passing of the legislation. We’re very proud of what it is. I think it’s really important for the American people to realize, though, that the money being released is Iranian money be held in banks, other banks, not in U.S. So it isn’t about us giving them anything. It is about them having access to their own money if they meet the terms of the agreement. And we have to be very vigilant to make sure that they do.” 
CUOMO: “People hear the number, $150 billion, they don’t care anymore about where it’s coming or whose banks. They say you are giving fuel to the fire. Fair criticism?”
PELOSI: “Well, it is their money. And the sanctions were there for a reason.”
CUOMO: “Because they do bad things with the money.”
PELOSI: “Well, they may. And they have lots of needs in their own —“

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