W.H.: Obama ‘Is Prepared to Make Good’ on His Promise to Close Gitmo

‘And the only reason he hasn’t is he’s been stymied by Republicans and even some Democrats’


HEMMER: “If the agreement between the White House and Congress to close Gitmo doesn’t happen, will the president close Gitmo.”
EARNEST: “The president is planning to make good on his promise and the only reason he hasn’t is he’s been stymied by Republicans and Democrats. George Bush’s secretary of defense agrees we need to close Guantanamo Bay.” 
HEMMER: “Do you know there is a high percentage that go back to the battlefield? If you close the prison, do they have come here or go overseas?”
EARNEST: “It will probably ends up being both. There are more of these detainees than we can transfer other countries. We can mitigate any risk they pose to our national security. But if we have to bring some of those individuals to the United States, we’ll put them in the same place where we are housing dozens of convicted terrorists in American prisons right now.”
HEMMER: “This is going to happen then, that’s what I hear you have saying.”
EARNEST: “That’s what we intends to do. One of the president’s first promises was to follow through on closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay. This is not a problem he wants to pass on to the next president whether it’s a Democrat or Republican.”

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