McCain: I’m Getting ‘a Little Wear’ To Be Jumping up and Down at the SOTU

‘At my age, I’m getting a little weary of that to start with’

ROBINSON: “Senator, I’m sure you’re just dying to give Ted Cruz a hug, but I’m going to change the subject and ask what you’re expecting from the state of the union tonight? What do you expect to hear?”
MCCCAIN: “The previews are that the president [indecipherable] is going to take a victory lap about his many accomplishments. So, we keep hearing that. And by the way, Gene, anybody who comes on this show say please remain seated — (Laughter) — please remain seated and then we don’t have to jump up and down. At my age I’m getting a little weary of that to start with. (Laughter) But second of all, why don’t we just listen to the president. But anyway, but — now that I’ve got that personal —“ [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “I don’t think age has ever been your complaint, sir.” (Laughter)
MCCCAIN: “Let me just —“

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