Russell Simmons: Trump Has ‘Fueled Fires of Hate’

‘I’ve known him for so long, and you’ve known him, not as this kind of person’

ROSE: “Are you ready for President Trump?”
SIMMONS: “Trump?”
ROSE: “Yeah.”
SIMMONS: “No. I think I'm ready for him to win the Republican primary. That’d be good.”
KING: “You wrote a letter to him, Russell, you wrote an open letter and basically said, ‘Stop the B.S.’ Have you heard from him? And you two are friends. You two are friends.”
SIMMONS: “We’ve been friends for many years. I'm surprised at his views on immigration and on people in general. He said things that have fueled fires of hate and that’s hurt me because I've known him for so long, and you've known him, not as this kind of person. And I think that there’s a piece of America that’s still fighting this shift towards tolerance and love for each other. And those people are supporting him, a great number of them, and some are for other reasons, this anger.”
KING: “Yeah.”
SIMMONS: “And he’s doing – he’s saying everything that could hurt under-served communities and he’s really getting a lot of support.”
ROSE: “Thanks for coming, Russell. Great to see you.”


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