Huckabee Continues to Slams Cruz: My Views Haven’t Changed on the Issues

‘I don’t say something different in Marshalltown, Iowa than I say in Manhattan’


SCARBOROUGH: “I asked Rick what happened. Each said a lot of them have gone to Cruz. To support you. “
HUCKABEE: “I don’t say something different in Marshalltown, Iowa than I say in Manhattan’”
SCARBOROUGH: “Are you talking about the Ted Cruz tape where he talked differently —“ 
HUCKABEE: “It’s not on that is correct it’s ethanol, immigration, the Visa program, Syrian refugees, whether it’s a host of issues where the marriage issue is one of them and the 10th Amendment. Those are certainly issues that I think I’ve been consistent on. Nobody hears me differently in one state —“
SCARBOROUGH: “But Ted Cruz is not on those issues you just named?” 
HUCKABEE: “Those are well established points he has taken where he’s had different positions.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “Is he opportunistic?” 
HUCKABEE: “I’m going to let you guys — you’re the pundits. I’m running for president. I’m out there talking to working people about jobs.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “I read a story about how you, Santorum and other conservatives have expressed concerns that he’s an opportunist, he’s not a true social conservative.”
HUCKABEE: “I’ll leave that to your evaluation. My job is to just remind people that the things I have have said this year are no different than the things I’ve said for the past 26 years. The things that I believe and the positions that I’ve taken are the same.”

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